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Recreational Marijuana

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  • Dominique Mendiola: Colorado Director of Marijuana Coordination

    Back in July of 2018, Gov. John Hickenlooper named Dominique Mendiola as Colorado’s director of marijuana coordination. She had served as the deputy director of the Marijuana Enforcement Division—sector of the Department of Revenue—since reactional cannabis businesses opened in the state. Mendiola will be in charge of pot policy issues within Colorado, which includes communication between the ...
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  • The Best Way to Store Your Cannabis

    When you pick up a new stash of cannabis, you can’t wait to enjoy a freshly cured batch of perfectly ripe buds as soon as you get home. However, over time, that same stash can take a turn for the worse in various ways. Proper storage of marijuana is important to maintain potency. How you approach this process and decide to store your stash will be the difference bewteen enjoying those same nugs ...
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  • The Importance of Online Dispensary Menus

    Have you ever visited a recreational or medical cannabis dispensary and discovered that the product you wanted to purchase was sold out or unavailable? If “yes” is your answer, you probably left the dispensary feeling unhappy that day. Fortunately, with some pre-planning involved, you can avoid having to endure such as experience ever again! Dispensaries throughout Colorado, including The Station, ...
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  • The Healthiest & Safest Way to Use Recreational Cannabis

    Observed every year in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death in the workplace, while driving, and in our homes and communities. Spearheaded by the National Safety Council (NSC) and thousands of organizations throughout the country, they are committed to spreading awareness after various safety topics, such as emergency preparedness and wellness. At The ...
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  • Consuming Cannabis in Public is Still Not Allowed in CO

    Despite the fact that the recreational use of cannabis is legal throughout Colorado, legal users are still not allowed to consume marijuana outside of their own homes since public consumption is not permitted. A recent bill would’ve been the beginning of legal use of cannabis in public spaces, but was stopped due to several concerns by government officials. On June 4, Colorado Gov. John ...
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  • Colorado Recreational Marijuana FAQ

    As of January 1, 2014, recreational use of cannabis became legalized in Colorado. Whether you reside in the state or are merely visiting, the following are the answers to some basic questions about state marijuana laws: Question: How old do I have to be to purchase, possess or consume retail cannabis? Answer: You must have a valid ID proving you’re 21 years of age or older. Sharing marijuana with ...
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  • The Station 4/20 Recreational & Medical Marijuana Specials

    April 20 th – or 4/20 – has long been heralded by the users of marijuana products as a great day, akin to a holiday! The Station, the most trusted name in recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado is excited to celebrate, too! We are going to have these great sales going on 4/20: 4/20 Recreational Marijuana Specials * 4/20 Medical Marijuana Specials ** You will enjoy a ...
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  • Who Can Benefit from Using Medical or Recreational Marijuana?

    Medical and recreational marijuana and cannabis products are gaining popularity throughout Colorado and the rest the country. Substances that were once held in an unfair light and under a misplaced stigma are now being accepted by more and more people. At The Station, we like to think cannabis use is gaining in popularity because of the many benefits it can bring to all types of people. Are you ...
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  • The Station New Membership Sign-Up Deal!

    As a locally owned and operated marijuana dispensary in Boulder, The Station is committed to providing the most knowledgeable, professional, and personalized service possible, and to giving back to the local residents who choose us for their medical marijuana needs. Your support has made us one of the most trusted dispensaries in the area! As a sign of our appreciation for patients who place their ...
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