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  • The Station’s 25 Days of Dank-Mas 2018

    At The Station, Basalt’s premier recreational and medical dispensary, we value our patients just as much as our recreational clients. So, whether you celebrate Hanukkah, the Day of Enlightenment, the Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa or Christmas, we are ready to get the holidays a-blazing with our 25 Days of Dank-Mas. Every day from December 1 st to December 26 th , you can find some warm, toasty and DANK ...
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  • The Station Opens New Recreational Dispensary in Basalt, CO! Medical Coming Soon!

    The Station is pleased to announce that we have opened a new location in Basalt! Our caring and compassionate team will now be able to provide residents throughout Eagle County, Pitkin County, and beyond with exceptional service and a diverse, high-quality selection of medicinal and recreational marijuana – and the lowest prices in the Roaring Fork Valley! Our Basalt marijuana dispensary is ...
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  • Announcing The Station Product Picture Competition for Customers & Patients

    The Station is proud to be the first name in recreational marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado. People from all around the state come to The Station because they know they can trust our friendly and knowledgeable staff to provide them with unbeatable service and exactly the medical or recreational marijuana products they need or desire. To celebrate our dispensary’s ...
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  • The Station's 25 Days of Dank-Mas 2017 Mega Holiday Sale-a-Thon

    The Station – Boulder’s most trusted locally-owned and operated medical and recreational marijuana dispensary – believes the holiday season is the season of giving! To help you stay warm and cozy for Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other holiday that might delight you, we have launched our 25 Days of Dank-Mas 2017 mega holiday sale-a-thon! Every day from December 1 st to December 26 th – we are ...
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