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How CU Boulder Students Are Encouraging Safe Drug Use

It is no secret that drug use is common among college students, and the University of Colorado Boulder is no exception. With this in mind, two student groups are pushing for school policies to help people make more informed and responsible decisions with drugs.

The two groups are The Psychedelic Club, an organization that seeks to eliminate the stigma of psychedelic drugs, and the Boulder chapter of the national Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). They are pushing for the creation of a joint student group office at the CU student center, which would have information for students about drugs, their effects, and how to use them responsibly. Beth Henneman, the leader of SSDP, summed up their goal:

“We go with the approach of ‘OK, we acknowledge that this is a college campus, people are going to use,’ but at least what we can do is provide information to them to make healthy and safe choices while they’re using.”

Helping Students Make Responsible Choices

While CU Boulder’s primary goal is to prevent the use of illicit drugs and unlawful use of cannabis and alcohol, school officials have acknowledged that some drug use is inevitable. The spring 2015 National College Health Assessment revealed this to be true:

  • 7% of students use cannabis daily
  • 65% of students say they have tried cannabis
  • 19% of students have used cocaine
  • 20% of students have tried ecstasy
  • 19% have used hallucinogens

Of course, there are likely even more students who have tried these drugs, but did not respond truthfully in this survey. Neither group encourages drug use, but they worry that undergraduates may be experimenting without having the information needed to make responsible decisions.

Both groups also believe that such policies could save lives, such as in the case of Samuel Forgy. Forgy was killed by police after reportedly attacking people with a knife and hammer, and his autopsy revealed cannabis, LSD, and amphetamine in his body. The Psychedelic Club believes that this death may have been avoidable if Forgy and those around him had been better informed about drug interactions, as well as how to calm some down when they are in this state.

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