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Is Cannabis Juicing the Next Big Thing?

Over the last few years, there's been a renewed interest in juicing and the health benefits that blending fruits and vegetables together can provide. Now that more of the American public has legal access to cannabis, many have started to introduce the plant into their juicing routines and often reaping significant health benefits. We take a look below at some of the facts and science behind cannabis juicing.

It doesn't produce a psychoactive effect

Not every patient who needs cannabis for medical reasons necessarily wants to experience the psychoactive effects that recreational users are after. Because heat is needed to change the THCA compound into TCH, juicing raw cannabis is perfect for those who'd rather avoid any psychoactive effects of cannabis.

It promotes cell health & disease prevention

Dr. William Courtney is a leading expert in raw, dietary cannabis and spoke to FOX News about the benefits of adding cannabis to juicing and salad recipes. According to Dr. Courtney and other researchers, cannabis activates our bodies' endogenous cannabinoid system, which can stimulate the release of antioxidants, improve cell energy production, and ultimately improve cell health and brain function.

It may have the same benefits as smoking medical marijuana

There is more research to be done, but there is some evidence that juicing raw cannabis may yield the same medical benefits as smoking it. Dr. David A. Greuner, co-founder of the NYC Surgical Associates in New York City, believes that juicing raw cannabis can relieve pain and nausea in patients, and even promote appetites in patients who are having trouble eating.

It allows for so many possibilities

For everyone interested in cannabis juicing, perhaps the most immediate benefit is that it allows for so much versatility in a juicing menu. For those like the flavor, it can be a main ingredient and for those who prefer other flavors, it can be masked. Matched with your favorite fruits and vegetables, the combinations are endless!

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