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Denver Will Vote On Social Cannabis Use

This November, Denver voters will decide whether or not to allow social use of cannabis in establishments like bars and cafes. The measure, called "City of Denver Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program," requires that establishments seek permission from city-registered neighborhood organizations before allowing the smoking or consumption of cannabis on their premises.

As the Denver Post reports, the ballot measure was announced just days after a similar, competing measure was rejected for the ballot. If passed, it would be Colorado's first major "social" cannabis law that would allow citizens to smoke or consume the plant outside the privacy of their own home.

"It’s going to be an effort of these businesses and a lot of the cannabis industry," said Kayvan Khalatbari of Denver Relief Consulting, a prominent backer of the new measure. "We’re really looking forward to engaging every single stakeholder—pro, con or neutral on this."

Current Cannabis Law

As the law currently stands, public consumption of cannabis is illegal. While our state legalized recreational cannabis in 2012, use of the plant must be kept to private residences—a restriction that has been widely criticized by cannabis proponents.

If the City of Denver Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program is enacted, the program will be conducted over four years. Qualifying business would still need to obey the city's indoor smoking laws. However, they would be allowed to designate outdoor areas where cannabis can be smoked, much like many businesses already maintain tobacco smoking areas.

Cannabis Tourism

Colorado law does allow hotels and other lodging establishments to decide whether or not to allow cannabis consumption on the premises. If you are traveling to Colorado and hoping to legally smoke or consume cannabis, be sure to contact your hotel and check with their cannabis policies. You can find a guide to our state’s cannabis-friendly hotels at

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Denver voters will decide whether or not to allow social cannabis use at local businesses this November. Learn more at our blog:

This November, Denver voters will decide on whether to enact a new law that could allow some bars and cafes to permit cannabis use on their premises. Learn more at our blog:

Will Denver enact a “social” cannabis law this November?