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What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Management?

One of the most common applications for medicinal marijuana is pain. This pain can come from a wide range of conditions. An individual may experience pain after being involved in a car crash or they may have chronic pain after extensive surgery.

It is imperative to understand that different marijuana strains are better at fighting pain than others. Although sativa cannabis is typically the preferred strain due to the energetic high it provides, indica is known to offer a full-body high, which is the ideal choice for individuals suffering severe body pain. Keep in mind, the strongest cannabis for one person may be drastically different than the preferred weed for another individual’s pain.

The following are the best cannabis strains for pain management:

  • Blackberry Kush - An incredible dominant indica strain, anyone experiencing severe pain should try this type of bud. It is high in THC, which can help you take your mind off the pain and simply numb your body. Blackberry Kush will make you feel lazy, euphoric, sleepy, happy, and creative.
  • Blue Widow - Also known as Berry White, Blue Venom, and White Berry, this type of hybrid is a cross between parent strains Blueberry and White Widow. Blue Widow is well known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, which is derived from the strain’s rich terpene profile which generally contains high amounts of caryophyllene.
  • Harlequin - A sativa strain that also relieves inflammation, it is especially beneficial to those suffering from arthritis due to its high CBD makeup. The bud’s euphoric, energetic, and clear-headed effects make it the best choice for daytime medicating.
  • Sour Kush - Being mostly indica, the high is mainly experienced in the body, which alleviates chronic pains and anxiety. Additionally, it induces relaxation. Careful, this strain is quite potent, so make sure you dose correctly. Master Kush is ideal right before you go bed since it provides a full night’s sleep without interruption.
  • White OG - A hybrid cross between San Fernando Valley OG Kush and The White, this strain also packs a powerful punch (so novice consumers be advised). However, it is ideal for patients suffering from severe pain, such as spinal injury.

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