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Brain Cancer Awareness Month

This May is brain cancer awareness month. It’s a month dedicated to finding cures both in the short term and in the long term. To show support this month, The Station in Boulder Colorado will be participating in the National Brain Tumor Society’s Walk for a Cure on 6/2/18. They are also showing their support all month long by wearing gray in May and raising $5,000 to help fund research for the National Brain Tumor Society. This move is in honor of a woman who refused to quietly sit back and let brain cancer win.

Antionette “Toni” Angelo was not only The Station’s founding mother but an inspiration for all around her. For her husband Jack and son TJ, she was the inspiration that got them into the marijuana industry and the reason that The Station is here today. When she was given a prognosis that only afforded her three months to live she confronted it as a challenge and fought cancer utilizing modern medicine in concert with high doses of THC and CBD, and disregarded the three-month prognosis, turning that into six more years. In life, she was a volunteer, a business owner, a strong member of her local church, an entrepreneur, and most importantly “a beam of light for all around her, someone who was faithful and always had a smile.” In honor of Toni, The Station has formed Team Toni and is not only raising money to help research but is also raising awareness that cannabis can help anyone who’s fighting cancer. Whether it’s the uncanny ability marijuana has to inhibit metastization of certain cancer cells or its ability to make someone smile when things are at their darkest, marijuana has some huge medicinal benefits to share.

If you want to be a part of finding the cure you can help the Station and Team Toni reach their $5,000 goal by donating at their go-fund-me here: